Brioni, 2yo, Aisha, 4yo, Alex, David, June 2009
David killed and prepared the chook for cooking, just bringing it up to me to cook. Our kids watched most of the process avidly, but our sensitive visitor A decided he preferred playing inside.

Yesterday David decided it was the day Black Betty got the chop. She’s had a good life but is quite old and rarely lays eggs for us anymore. I got two new spring chickens last week and they’ll be our new layers.

David wanted to use the opportunity to show the girls the inside of a chook and also to teach them about how we kill things to eat them (without getting squeamish).

David grew up on a farm and was always aware of animals being slaughtered for food, so he’s used to it. (It was a bit too much for me — I helped hold the chook still for the kill, but then opted out of the plucking and gutting.)

Eggs, June 2009
These are the immature eggs in various stages of development that sit inside the chook — it's a little assembly-line in there!