Calista, 14 months old, June 2009
Calista slept well enough on the mattress on the floor for her siesta.

As she’s almost fifteen months old, we decided it was time to start moving Calista out of the cot. I’ve put a small mattress on the floor in her room and tried her out for a couple of sleep-times.

Last night, when I checked on her, I found her wedged against the (shut) door, so I moved her back to the mattress. Today, at siesta-time, she was too interested in looking at books and banging on the door, so I put her back in the cot.

After a while, I know she’ll get the idea of sleeping on the mattress and then will put it onto a low bed-base.

It’s exciting to see my baby getting this big! (Here’s Aisha when she first moved into a bed and Brioni trying out her new bed.)