Calista, 14 months old, June 2009
Despite her bruised forehead and grazed nose, Cali was soon her usual cheerful self.

At the beginning of this week, we had three injuries on three girls in three days. But don’t call Child Services — let me explain!

On Monday, Aisha fell onto the side of a bed and drove one side of her upper front teeth back into her head. Very sad. Lots of blood. And residual pain. We’re praying that it will straighten up without intervention (and without any of them falling out prematurely).

On Tuesday, Brioni came in with a severely scraped up leg, worthy of three different-sized band-aids (quite a rarity in our household — there has to be dripping blood in order for a sore to merit a band-aid). Initially Brioni wouldn’t explain how it happened, but the next day I was able to discover that she almost fell off the back verandah while she was walking backwards!

On Wednesday, Calista dove face-first out the front door’s step. Very, very sad. But she’s fine now!