Rainbow, June 2009
Aisha spotted a rainbow this morning during a sun-shower.

After whinging for a while about the poor calibre of playgroup interactions or the over-organised system that means children are shuffled from one activity to another with a lot of parental supervision, I’ve started a Tuesday playgroup at our house — just the way I like it!

We have a lot of room in our house for kids to play and ride bikes inside, and with the playroom full of toys for children of a variety of ages, I’m happy to share the space. Other playgroups get bogged down in meeting in halls/church buildings and relying on the toys brought along by members.

We have no structure apart from an 11.30-ish shared meal where everyone contributes a plate of food. The time is just spent talking and watching the children play (and share each other’s drink cups!).

We’ve been meeting for a month now, and the numbers of mothers vary between two and four. Yesterday, a new mum came with her son (aged exactly the same as Calista), and she made a wonderful contribution to the group. She’s the type of women who talks a lot — about everything. It’s great! As the hostess, it takes the pressure off me to find conversation topics, and she’s highly entertaining.

I plan to do a little local advertising to get some more mums involved, but I’m happy with the growth of numbers simply from word-of-mouth! I’m feeling optimistic about the playgroup and hope it provides a necessary social connection for the mums who come along!