Calista, 14 months old, + Aisha, 4yo, + Brioni, 2yo, May 2009
The girls rediscovered the sandpit today. Cali is old enough to enjoy it too, and so it gives me time in the house without them!

We’ve started moving tools and equipment out of the house and back down to the shed. This clean-up means that David is working on the premise that it’s easy enough to do any more renovations/touch-ups from down in the shed and no easier to have the toolkit in the house.

This also means we can restore the studio to its former two-room guest-accommodation glory. (Come for a visit!)

It’s wonderful to mark this point in our renovations journey. We’ve finished the last outside corner of the house and all that is left are minor cosmetic touch-ups and a bit of gardening and landscaping. We want to cement in our c-shaped driveway (getting rid of the gravel rocks forever) and this is dependent on a reliable bobcat driver.

So things are definitely moving ahead, the house looks great, and we’re feeling optimistic!