I was seriously taken out of action on Tuesday when I developed first a migraine and then a terrible sickness that sent me to bed for four days. I knew I was deathly ill — I wasn’t even interested in reading a book! I’m not sure what it was that knocked me out, but thankfully I haven’t passed it on to anyone else in the family.

During this time, the weather was very rainy, which prevented David from doing a lot more outside the house, so he was able to look after the girls 100% for me.

At just over two-and-a-half, Brioni is at that awkward stage where she doesn’t often need a nap, rarely wants a nap and sometimes can’t stop herself from napping anyhow. On Friday I went looking for her (if they’re too quiet I worry that they’re up to some mischief) and found her asleep in the playroom.

Brioni, 2yo, May 2009
Today Brioni napped on one of my toy boxes.