Brioni, 2yo, + Aisha, 4yo, May 2009
In this swimming game on Saturday, Brioni was pretending to be Daddy (shirtless with just swimming shorts on), and Aisha was Mummy -- holding Calista.

We’ve persevered with swimming lessons (well, when we’re here at least), and it’s definitely paid off. A couple of weeks ago, it finally clicked for Aisha — she discovered the trick of taking a breath and then continuing swimming. This has boosted her confidence enormously, and she just loves to go to the swim class.

And Brioni can basically swim now too. Brioni has been taking classes for less than a year but she can swim several metres on her own with her face in the water. She’s still in the baby aquatics class (where I get in the water with her), but her teacher has said that Brioni’s definitely ready to progress to the next level (and hopefully into the same class as Aisha).

I’m definitely looking forward to the next step. It’s been difficult to juggle the classes around Calista, and it will be good to just sit on the side and watch the girls without getting wet.

When participating in something like this, I keep noticing that with just one student mucking up, refusing to listen to the instructor or crying in protest, the rest of the [small] class suffers as they lose the instructor’s attention. How more so does this problem arise in a larger classroom setting where quiet, attentive students miss out on the teacher’s attention when the noisy, disruptive students need to be brought under control. Another reason to homeschool, I think.