We enjoyed Woodoo’s company for a week before Manou arrived. Then she came, and we were off to Easterfest for the weekend. But, as so often happens at our place, Woodoo came back for one night, overlapping with Manou’s visit.

He’s been at our house so often that we keep one room vacant just for him and the girls even call it “Woodoo’s room”.

Fisher Family with Manou + Woodoo, April 2009
Woodoo stopped by our place again on his way home. We enjoyed a special meal on Monday night to celebrate having visitors. It's great that we have a large house and can accommodate multiple guests.

Brioni, 2yo, Manou, + Aisha, 4yo, April 2009
Manou has read the girls lots and lots of books. (Brioni uses one finger to play with her upper lip while she's relaxing and/or sucking her thumb.)

Manou will be here until the beginning of May when she’ll fly down to Sydney for a little while before returning to Perth. We girls take turns “booking” her in for intensive babysitting. We’ve got her at the moment, Carla will have her in Sydney and then Manou’s return to Perth will mean Renee will be able to attend a conference with her husband Craig, sans enfants.

Of course I enjoy being on the receiving end of Manou’s care, and who wouldn’t want to spend some time with my darling daughters?, but apart from that, I think that looking after family is a truly noble pursuit. We are inspired by Manou’s example. David and I would like to continue to care for our family, even after they’ve grown up and left home!