Woodoo is still staying with us. He’s filling his days with visits to old friends and hanging out with our family in the late afternoons.

Hugh got his nickname Woodoo from his love of nature and trees. Wherever he’s lived, he’s always planted trees. In the early nineties, Woodoo coordinated land-care groups that planted many stands of trees in and around Grafton. I think he was called “Wood”, “Woody”, and “The Woodster” a bit, but “Woodoo” has just stuck.

Woodoo + Calista, 11 months, March 2009
Woodoo looked after Calista this afternoon while I was working in a bedroom and David was cooking dinner. She sat next to him on the kitchen counter, very happy to play with whatever was in reach and eat the frozen peas David kept offering her.

Now that she’s back in Grafton, Rosie has offered to take our two eldest daughters for a week (to care for them at her house), but David and I are adamant that our children are a package deal. (I can’t imagine going back to just one child — it would be so much more work!) If (if) Rosie agrees to taking all three girls, we’ll be able to use that time to get going on the bathroom renovation.

We’ll see…