I finally got together with Kerrie today for our reoccurring Friday playdate — the first since January!

Aisha, 4yo, Calista, 11 months, Brioni, 2yo, Alex, 3yo, Damien, 2yo, March 2009
For a brief period, the kids arranged themselves into a train.

The kids simply picked up where they had left off. However, the two added months of maturing has meant that all the kids played together better, and they even swapped pairs a couple of times, with Aisha + Damien playing, and Alex + Brioni playing together.

The games were all inside today, as we still have heavy tools outside from our latest renovation construction, and the Playmobil people were a hit. Aisha brought out Jesus and the donkey and was most upset when Alex wanted to improvise a new story instead of sticking to the Holy Script!

Kerrie was also a witness to Calista’s first step (more of a lurch) between David and me. Yay!