I was so excited to receive the news today. The Fishers have had their [as yet, unnamed] baby girl. Congratulations to Cheryl — especially — who laboured the old-fashioned, painful way and survived to laugh about it!

Fisher baby, March 2009
A beautiful baby girl for Ben + Ye Fisher, 19 March 2009.

This is the fifth granddaughter for Hugh and Rosie Fisher (no grandsons) and the fourth granddaughter for Cheryl’s parents (no grandsons).

Baby, Ella + Ye, March 2009
Ye/Cheryl with her two daughters in the Beijing Military Hospital — the same place Cheryl was born about 30 years ago.

Ella + Ben, March 2009
Three years old, Ella is pleased to finally meet her little sister.


Cheryl has recovered well so far, and is now spending more time
sleeping, as the initial excitement has now passed. As for our
daughter’s nationality, we now understand she will enjoy what is
effectively ‘dual nationality’ until she is 16. At 16 she would have a
choice of which nationality she would want to keep.

The child already seems vastly different to Ella – perhaps more quiet
and content — and for this reason easier on us!

I have taken some ‘paternity leave’ to hang around a bit more and help
spread the workload. Cheryl should be able to come home on Monday.

I guess we have now settled in Beijing and are starting to like the
place a bit more now the weather is warm. One surprise for me is this
city has no spring! It literally goes from -10 to +20 in a matter of