Today I had to go into the city for another appointment at my favourite dentist, so David had the girls all day and thoroughly enjoyed it. He didn’t try to fit in any work and just played with the girls most of the day.

Calista is old enough to amuse herself, and Aisha even fed Calista at lunchtime with David supervising. (Look at how Aisha makes the unconscious gesture of opening her mouth every time she wants Calista to take a spoonful.)

A highlight of the day (for David and the girls) was the opportunity to go up to the top of the street and watch some excavators in action, breaking down some old houses and clearing the land.

Another conversation about the diggers went like this:
A: When I’m a lady, I’m going to be a digger just like him.
D: You’re going to be a digger driver? What kind of digger is it?
A: You have to come to my work.
D: I’ll come to your work.
A: You’ll have to see which one.
D: No, no, you tell me what’s the name of that digger there. What name is it? …
A (smiles): I’m going to have an excavator. It might not be painted yellow, it might be painted green — my favourite.
B (pointing at the yellow excavator): That’s my favourite.
A: So you’re going to have that one. You have to be the same as me, okay. And she can be my friend, when she’s a big lady. And I could always go to her house.
B: I will break down a house.