We’ve started working on the laundry room now. Because of its proximity, it seemed a natural progression from the kitchen and puts off the horrid bathroom renovation which seems so scary and impossible.

We have one more cabinet which matches the kitchen ones and yet didn’t fit into our kitchen, so that’s gone into the laundry, providing a handy place for soap and bits and bobs. I get so excited when we do up these utility rooms, as I’m the one who uses it the most and feel that it’s “my” room. (I dream of one day having my own craft/sewing/utility room — with a computer — but that’s not reality here.) I probably use the washing machine four or five times a week, and I’ll immediately notice an improvement in the laundry, even if we don’t stay to enjoy it for years and years.

Brioni, 2yo, Aisha, 4yo, + David, March 2009
Brioni and Aisha helped by picking up the ceramic floor tiles after David had knocked them up. They continued working until all the tiles were gone!

Aisha, 4yo, March 2009
Aisha kept emptying her container of broken tiles into the wheelie bin. It's amazing to see the stamina of a four-year-old, and David insisted that they stay with the job until it was completely finished (a valuable lesson — one that I've never properly learned).

It’s ironic that we’ve gone back to painting the walls a shade of grey, as this was the colour that was predominant in the house when we first moved in in 2000. In all this time we’ve never painted the bathroom or the laundry, so we’re now painting grey paint over grey paint.

I’m also pleased with the way the laundry tub has cleaned up. After years of abuse and neglect, being used to clean tools, cement trowels, paint brushes, David and I spent twenty minutes debating whether to replace or restore our existing enamel tub. We decided to see how it would clean up. After hours of scrubbing, it has started gleaming. I managed to remove all the paint splotches, grey concrete residue and collected grime. Now, of course, we’ve started renovating again, and the laundry tub is once again in use, so it’s filthy again. However, I do know that it’ll come up well and I can look forward to that happy ending.