We have too many toys. (Don’t tell David I’ve admitted it, but I know it’s true.) I’ve been trying to be discerning with the toys I introduce, and I also have to keep a great variety of “educational” toys on hand for those “learning moments”, but some of the time they’re just a waste of space.

Aisha, 4yo, Calista, 11 months + Brioni, 2yo, March 2009
Square baskets + little girls become airplanes, complete with sound effects (no batteries required). In the background, you can see that the girls have tipped out ALL the toys from the baskets into one great jumble and have abandoned the pile in favour of their imagination.

There are some days when all the toys in the world can’t outrank the importance of those essential toys that every household should have.

  • Building blocks
  • A skipping rope
  • Boxes to climb into
  • Balls
  • Books (and you can never have too many!)
  • Shape sorter
  • Puzzles
  • Playdough
  • A babydoll
  • A car

Aisha, 4yo, Calista, 11 months + Brioni, 2yo, March 2009
Here the girls are playing creatively with the same skipping rope.

Aisha, 4yo, March 2009
At one end, Aisha is making "music" by banging on a tin.

Brioni, 2yo, March 2009
At the other end, Brioni is singing into a "microphone".

If you don’t have a skipping rope for your children, get one right away.