Aisha, 4yo, Lauren, Calista, 11 months, Benjy + Brioni, 2yo, March 2009
We wanted to take a family picture with Benjy so we can remember how old the children were when he last saw them. Doesn't he look like one of the family?

This morning Benjy flew out of Brisbane Airport on his way back home to Israel. He’ll stay with his sister in Tel Aviv for a month before continuing his own adventures by visiting his brother in India.

David first met Benjy on a beach in New Zealand in May last year, and he invited Benjy to stay with us when Benjy reached this part of Australia. Benjy arrived in June and stayed with us for almost five months, off and on. It’s quite a long time to have a house guest, but Benjy was quiet and courteous, playing with the girls and occasionally working with David.

Returning to Israel could mean being called up to serve in the army. Israeli young men work in the army for three years, women for one year. However, when conflicts escalate, such as the recent Gaza Strip clashes or the war with Lebanon in 2006, citizens are called on to boost the army reserve.

So remember Benjy in your prayers. We believe God is calling him, but Benjy needs to hear His voice and embrace the Messiah of his people.

Calista, 11 months old, David, Brioni, 2yo, Benjy, Lauren + Aisha, 4yo, March 2009
For Benjy's last dinner in Australia, I should have served something "Aussie" but chose instead to make the African staple of rice and sauce.