After lunch on Sunday, I picked up Manou and we headed out for several hours’ drive east to Wave Rock. This is my third visit to Western Australia, and this time I was determined to see a bit more of the glorious landscape.

I invited Manou along because, although she has travelled a bit around WA, she hadn’t yet seen Wave Rock. I also wanted the girls to get to know her better because she’ll (God willing) be visiting us later next month.

Western Australia, February 2009
For most of the journey, the road stretched out in front of us in a straight line. We drove through wheat-growing country, but it was the end of the season with the crops were harvested, leaving only golden stubble.

Pink lake, WA, February 2009
Our first stop was Pink Lake, where algae changes the colour of the water according to the time of day and lighting conditions. When we saw it, it was more of a fluorescent orange.

Pink lake, WA, February 2009
Rising salinity in the water table is a huge problem in rural Australia. Conservation groups plant trees and saltbush to combat the problem which leaves poisonous salt residue in what would otherwise be potable water for livestock.

We took the 350 km trip at a leisurely pace, stopping at little towns to admire their public spaces and visiting the playgrounds to give the girls somewhere to expend their energy.

Bruce Rock, WA
The middle of this country town on a Sunday afternoon is indicative of how much traffic we met on the road. At one point we drove for almost an hour without seeing another vehicle.

Manou, Calista, 10 months and Aisha, 4yo, February 2009
Once we arrived in Hyden (the town outside Wave Rock), we took a long time to admire all the bush art on display and enjoy the playground before we continued on to the actual Wave Rock.

Brioni, 2yo, Calista, 10 months, Aisha, 4yo, + Manou, February 2009

Brioni, 2yo, February 2009

Manou, Brioni, 2yo, + Aisha, 4yo, February 2009
Manou is always good fun.