Brioni, 2yo, Keegan 4yo, + Aisha, 4yo, February 2009
It wasn't raining, but an umbrella is a fantastic accessory for the imagination.

During this visit to the Harveys where Aisha has been able to connect with a playmate her own age, I’ve had to remember that Brioni is only two. I’ve become so used to seeing her play with Aisha that I’ve forgotten that the norm for this age is parallel play and children don’t really engage properly in group activities until they’re older.

With Jemilla being six, Keegan is used to playing a higher level of games and draws Aisha into them, inadvertently leaving Brioni behind. Many times I see Aisha and Keegan jumping on the trampoline and Brioni sitting underneath, happy with just being close by. She follows them around — watching carefully — but she often has her Boolah close by for extra comfort.

Brioni has also become more needy for my affections, climbing into my lap for long cuddles and specifically requesting extra attention. I’m certain it’s because she’s feeling a bit left out from the older kids, but when we get home, things will return back to normal with her and Aisha playing as usual.