Today we headed in Perth city for a quick look around some op shops, the State Library and the museum. We took the train in, and once again the public transport was an exciting adventure for my three girls, Keegan and Tirzah.

The train provides clear signage offering priority seating to those with small children, which is a nice contrast to the Queensland rail system where even pregnant ladies have to request a seat when the train is full (or just stand with their belly in the face of the uni student who takes the priority seat).

Our visit to the op shops was interrupted by a surprise meeting with a man who (get ready for it) is the father of a lady who lives a couple of houses up Renée’s street and goes to the same church and who had just been over to the Harveys the day before (whew!). He was visiting Perth from the U.K. and liked browsing through the secondhand shops for books to add to his collection. We met up with him in two op shops and later in the street. (I kept thinking of the Bogart line: “Of all the joints in all the world…”)

Tirzah + Keegan, February 2009
It was good to take the Strolli rider attached to the stroller. All three big kids took civilised turns to ride instead of walking. I carried Calista in the sling — she's still small enough to be extremely portable!

The WA State Library runs a secondhand bookshop just inside its main doors where you can pick up the library’s surplus books for prices ranging from fifty cents to two dollars! They also stock the most popular titles as new books for recommended retail price, a savvy marketing concept, I think. Borrow a book — like it? — buy it — easy.

Our visit to the museum was a bit of a fizzer as we spent most of our time trying to navigate the stairways with the stroller, but the kids enjoyed looking at the natural history exhibits. Whenever Renée sees taxidermy, she remembers the birds on display at Kent Academy, but I don’t make the same associations.

Keegan, Renée, Aisha, 4yo, Calista, 11 months, Brioni, 2yo + Tirzah in the stroller, February 2009
Taking a break for lunch, we sat ourselves next to a couple of buskers who performed flamenco guitar music.