Aisha, 4yo, Lauren, Calista, 10 months, Brioni, 2yo, February 2009
Travelling with three small children? It's a breeze.

Well, the flight went very well. No one threw up on me, I only had to change one set of clothes, and although the flight seemed very long, we arrived ahead of schedule.

The main thing that saved my sanity on the flight was a mostly empty plane. An empty plane means spare seats, a less-harried crew and room to sprawl. And with the twenty times I escorted someone to the toilet, we only needed to wait our turn once.

We ended up using our own bank of three seats, two pairs of window seats (one for Aisha, one for Brioni), another set of three seats (for Calista to lie down) and a third pair of window seats that featured a baby basinette mounted on the wall in front. Excellent time to fly.

Aisha, 4yo, February 2009
Aisha was happy to move to a window seat by herself. She set up the tray and arranged the toys and goodies on them. From this seat she also watched the in-flight movie (without sound). She was mesmerised by the screen and came and got me only when she wanted to use the toilet.

Calista, 10 months old, February 2009
I laid Calista to sleep in the centre row of three seats. Having gotten up quite early, she was ready for a sleep and dozed off very quickly.

Brioni, 2yo, + Calista, 10 months old, February 2009
I was later able to put Calista into the dedicated baby bassinette, where she slept and played happily for most of the rest of the flight.

Brioni, 2yo, February 2009
I put Brioni to sleep on her own set of two seats. She was out for about two hours, which was a relief because once she had eaten everything she could, she got bored and restless.

And the trunkis? I loved them. Brioni got tired of wheeling hers around, so I simply attached the shoulder strap and pulled her through the terminal and out in the parking lot to the car. Aisha easily powered on ahead. They were brilliant, and I had several people stop me to ask where they could buy them from.