David and Benjy are back from their trip to North Straddie on the boat. We’re in the middle of summer, and they had perfect camping weather with lots of cloud cover but no rain. David slept in a pop-up shade shelter and Benjy in his single-person tent.

Here’s a quick video round-up:

And here are the photos again:

Benjy, February 2009
Benjy is at the end of his visit to Australia. He plans to sell his motorbike and then fly to India.

North Stradbroke Island, February 2009
The pelicans waddle around together like old ladies, fretting and sniping at each other.

North Stradbroke Island, February 2009
This pelican reversed its bill (for some reason).

Tadpoles on North Stradbroke Island, February 2009
In the gullies between the sand dunes, frogs breed in the small lakes that form after several rains. I can't imagine where the frogs normally live — all around them is sand.

David, February 2009
They trekked across the island, looking for wildlife and enjoying the scenery. These great sandy dunes are criss-crossed with a variety of animal tracks. It's fun to look at each set of footprints and try to work out which animal made them.

Dolphins off North Stradbroke Island, February 2009
When out to sea, they saw several dolphins. When you spot a fin, look for the tail fin. If you can see a tail, it's a shark. Usually they're dolphins, as these sociable creatures love to investigate boats.

David, February 2009
The boys took turns skiing behind our little tinnie.