On Friday night, I headed into Brisvegas with two girlfriends. Both friends couldn’t remember ever seeing me without my girls, and I certainly felt the freedom of being childless.

For our big night on the town, we didn’t do much, but we talked a lot. We ate some yummy food we didn’t have to share, and we walked a lot. It was fun to spend time together without needing to supervise anyone.

And yesterday David took Benjy and the boat out and was planning to camp for a night or two on North Stradbroke Island. So at home we’re just girly-girls doing girly-girl things.

Brioni, February 2009
The girls were dressing up all morning (and got into my underwear!).

Brioni, 2yo, + Aisha, 3yo, February 2009
Brioni has that comical intuition that means she can always elicit laughs. Upon viewing this picture, Brioni says, "We're Mummy and Daddy."

When David goes away, I feel like I’m on a mini-vacation. We eat simple meals (fish fingers, anyone?), I don’t tidy up as much as I should, I stay in my pyjamas all day and I can stay up late playing on the computer (hence the new design).

I’m not sure when David will be back home, but as I have the boat trailer, he’ll need to call me to come haul them out of the water. So I’ll have a little bit of warning to restore the house (and myself) to an acceptable state.

And I’ve started packing for our next sparkling adventure. Next Sunday morning, I’m flying to Perth with our three girls. We’ll be staying with my sister Renée and her lovely family for three weeks. Six days to go. Exciting!