Today we are heading across town for a two-year-old’s birthday party. I’m looking forward to catching up with an exceptional homeschooling family, and it will also help to distract me from our flight to Perth tomorrow.

Choosing a gift for a child is tricky. You usually have the choice between something cheap & tacky and something too expensive. It’s hard to find a balance. (And I can often see the internal wincing of the parents as their child is given another unsuitable present.) So over the last weeks, often while I was watching the girls in the bath, I took out my sewing kit and tried my hand at sewing pretend food. It may be a bit advanced for a two-year-old, but she’ll grow into it.

Homemade felt biscuits, January 2009
I made a selection of felt biscuits and put them into a darling little carousel tin.

Today is also Aisha’s real birthday, so I’ll interview her as a keepsake of what’s in her mind as she turns four. We have already celebrated with a cake when my Dad was visiting, so we’ll let the day’s significance pass unnoticed and just enjoy Rosa’s birthday instead.