Today we joined with our church family to witness the baptism of two young people. One of the baptisees(?) was thirteen-year-old Dayna, who has been a kind friend to our girls.

The baptism was a good opportunity to talk to the girls about a ritual that is also a powerful, meaningful display of commitment to following Jesus and the teachings in the Bible. We also enjoyed spending some more time getting to know certain families in the church a bit better.

Dayna + Brett, January 2009
Dayna was baptised by her father Brett, following a public profession of faith late last year.

Dayna, Aisha, 3yo, + Brioni, 2yo, January 2009
Later Dayna played really nicely with the girls, sharing her toys and showering them with gifts of little knickknacks and candy necklaces.

Calista, 9 months old, January 2009
I'm in love with my gorgeous baby.