We have a knack for filling our house up. Although we have long periods with no visitors, it seems that when we do have at least one person staying, it attracts more visitors.

We picked Dad up from the airport on Monday morning. He’s still adjusting to Australian culture, driving on the left, English as a public language and a vastly different timezone. It’s been great for me to spend time with Dad, and the girls like to include him in what they’re doing.

Today Benjy also arrived back home after four and a half months away. He’s driven 24,000 kilometres in his trek around Australia, taking in all the states, including Tasmania. He has fascinating stories to tell about the different places he stayed and hairy moments on the road. The girls love having him to play with again.

Brioni, 2yo, + Benjy, January 2009
The girls were delighted to have Benjy back with us.