My medal for five years' service
The CMC awarded me a medallion for five years' service although I've been with them for almost eight years (including all my maternity leaves).

My brilliant career is over. Or, I feel like it is.

I’ve officially resigned from the CMC where I’ve worked for almost as long as we’ve lived in this house (eight years). I started as their Publications Officer, endured six months as Media Officer and spent most of my time as Communications Coordinator.

My job consisted of graphic design and desktop publishing, website and database design and maintenance, coordinating print jobs, publications, marketing and PR stunts. And now it’s officially over.

I went in to work today to speak with my colleagues about my resignation and the IT manager cheerfully informed me that my username was deleted earlier this week. I’m invited back for an official farewell morning tea in a couple of weeks, and managers will make nice speeches on my behalf. I’ll take David in, I think, because he doesn’t quite believe that I’m efficient and productive at work when I manage to waste so much time at home.

The departure is bittersweet. I have officially admitted that I can’t juggle a career and a home-life, although the choice to stay at home has been mine. Even after having children, I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent at work outside of the home. I’ve loved the long commute where I could sit and dream, read or sleep, unbothered by little hands and voices. I’ve loved the stimulation of being in the midst of current affairs, understanding the issues behind the news and contributing to the greater good of a wider community.

David doesn’t want to look after the girls even a couple of days of week, so I cannot even return to work part-time. I know day care is not the best option for them. My calling is to now minister to my children. I am their best carer.

And they are now my brilliant career.