We can’t imagine a life without Calista, our third beautiful blessing. At the moment, David shares a special closeness with Aisha, and Brioni’s favourite person is Aisha, so Cali is all mine — a mummy’s girl. I feel a special affinity to her because she and I are both the third daughter of our families.

Calista, 9 months old, January 2009
Cali has four teeth poking through the top. She is down to two feeds and two naps during the day and sometimes manages with only one. Calista loves to go out and will try very hard to stay awake if we're on an outing. She is learning to respond to "no" and squawks in the high chair to tell me when she wants "more".

I’ve started to teach Calista more sign language to allow her to communicate effectively, and the older girls have quickly picked it up and use it with her.
She eats everything we have, and more, loves blueberries especially and handles cow’s milk without trouble.

Calista likes to stand all the time and if I stop too long, she’ll pull herself up on my legs and I will be left frozen to the spot until she decides to move on. She also likes to climb, and I’ve started finding her up on our small tables next to the couch. I hope it won’t be long until she walks!

Calista's woobie, January 2009
I love etsy. I contacted the woman who made Calista's rug and asked her to fashion a second, smaller version with elongated corners — especially for travel and while out and about.