Aisha, 3yo, + Brioni, 2yo, January 2009
One of the highlights of our trip for the girls was the opportunity to watch television. I put on a video a couple of times for them.

Coming home took almost a full day as we filled it with several play stops. We left Grafton on Monday night and drove as far as Evan’s Head.

Brioni, 2yo, Aisha, 3yo, + David, January 2009
In the morning we let the girls explore some tidal flats at Evan's Head.

A stop at the Macadamia Castle turned into lunch, and the girls enjoyed playing on the playground equipment outside the pay-for-play area and David managed a snooze. We have often driven past the tourist attraction and had never stopped before. We weren’t planning on stopping, but Aisha prayed aloud that we would find a place to play with toys.

We stopped again at Hastings Point, and David managed to get the mask and flippers onto Aisha for an introduction to snorkelling. The girls wore themselves out and fell asleep in the shade of a lifesaving hut, so we put off hitting the road again until late afternoon.

At home, things were mostly exactly how we left them — a little bit dirty and chaotic.

Sweet potatoes, January 2009
In the time we were gone, the sweet potatoes had started sprouting properly.

We’ve spent today tidying the house and cleaning out the truck. Whenever I go away on holidays, I always come home determined to rid our house of all the clutter (perhaps because I know we can survive with much less stuff).

Aisha, 3yo, + Brioni, 2yo, January 2009
The girls enjoy playing outside with the hose on a hot day.

Chicky, January 2009
It's incredible that we've managed to keep the chick alive all this time. It lived in a small cage in David's parents' house, spent a couple of days in a box in the truck (very lonely) and now is free-ranging around our yard at home. So far the dog isn't interested in it, and the birds of prey haven't seen it. (I hope it's female!)

And it starts all over — David has some business to catch up on, I have the usual responsibilities and will try to do a major cook-up to get ahead on the meals, the girls are playing with their dolls and “going to the beach”, and the yardwork is calling.

I’m looking forward to next month when I’ll fly with the girls across to Perth to spend three weeks with Renée’s family. Until then, it’s homelife as usual!