How do “normal” families do it?

When we go away, even for a little holiday at a relative’s house, we end up packing so much stuff!

We take a bit of bedding, a pram, clothes, pool toys, books, towels and nappies, and it just adds up. With this trip, David is combining work and pleasure, so we also have a small portion of his tools on board the truck, taking up even more space.

Freedom Truck trip, December 2008
We definitely need a truck just to take a holiday! We always end up taking so much stuff. David is taking rolls of floorcoverings with us to sell and to install, but there are still too many accouterments for our little family.

We’re heading about four hours south to David’s parents’ house. David and I are hoping to sneak away for a day or so on our own — perhaps for some scuba diving or camping sans enfants.

We’re taking our chick along, and the dog. Well, we have been talking about taking the dog as we don’t have someone to dog-sit for us, but I’ve just noticed that Misty has been rolling in fresh horse manure. So I’ll hop offline now and bathe her so that David lets her into the Freedom Truck or else she’ll be one sad, lonely hound. (I have some Johnson & Johnson baby wash that I refuse to use on my girls — it’ll be perfect for washing the dog!)