Our family is very tired after a crazy weekend — I’m the only sunburnt one.

We’ve just completed a marathon of market-runs. At the markets, we set up a stall advertising David’s business and selling off-cuts of carpets and vinyls. We also bought a large number of gyrocars because we thought they were cool and figured they’d make good Christmas presents.

However, going to the markets is a mammoth effort of loading the truck, unloading the truck, setting up the stall, minding the stall, minding the children, conducting business and then loading the truck back up, loading the kids into the car, getting everyone and everything home again, somehow trying to manage a healthy meal several times a day and getting to bed VERY late, only to start over EARLY the next morning.

On Friday night, we were at the local markets, but we didn’t get home until late, and we needed to wake up at 2.30 on Saturday morning to get ready and drive to the next markets. The location was a rural school grounds, and I rode the gyrocar over all the footpaths, wearing a sign on my back offering free rides to kids (if they came up to where we were set up near the playground).

It was here that I got severely sunburnt. I made sure the girls had suncream and hats on, but I neglected to put sunscreen on myself. To compound it, I was out in the sun trying to coax visitors to try out the gyrocars. So I’m wincing and mincing and very, very red.

We got home early Saturday afternoon to grab a quick bite to eat before all snoozing and then visiting a friend for dinner. It was a great night out, and we didn’t want to leave, but we also had markets planned for Sunday.

So we started again at 3.30 this morning to do it all over again. The girls slept in a bit, but their meal and rest times have been mucked up. Brioni and Calista have coped well because they just fall asleep in the pram. Aisha has been too excited to sleep when we’re out, so she’s exhausted.

It’s going to take us a week to get over the madness, and I know that David and I still have to unload David’s truck because he has a carpet job planned for tomorrow. We also plan to take the truck down to Grafton sometime this week for a break at David’s parents’.