You may remember hearing about Matt and Kirrily earlier, and when we first heard about their wedding date in September, 13 December seemed very far away.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been to a wedding. The last one we attended was David’s brother’s in April 2004. I was very excited to be going, and I kept talking to the girls about what it would be like. We prepped them by showing clips of strangers’ weddings on YouTube, which often brought a tear to my eye.

Because of the schedule of the wedding (2 pm, right in the middle of nap-time), the date of it (Saturday after we had a late night at the markets and before a full morning at the markets again on Sunday), David and I devised a tight game-plan to feed and rest the girls properly so they would behave beautifully during the ceremony. We brought lunch forward to 10.30 and rest-time was from 11.30 to 1 pm when we packed everyone into the car and drove to the church.

It was a very hot day, one of the hottest of the year so far, and very muggy. The chapel wasn’t air conditioned, so all the guests fanned themselves with the programs and quietly wilted. However hot we were, I’m sure the wedding party were much, much hotter on stage.

Kirrily, December 2008
The beautiful bride.

Kirrily + Matt's wedding, December 2008
The officiating minister was Alan Stanley who teaches at Mueller Bible College. His message reminded us to not seek happiness in a partner, but in God.

Kirrily + Matt's wedding, December 2008
The minister knew the couple well enough to make many jokes — usually at the groom's expense.

The ceremony was beautiful and relaxed, with favourite hymns, prayers and verses read aloud. After the wedding, small cupcakes and savoury snacks were served in the church’s courtyard while the formal photos were taken.

The couple walked out of the church to the Australian artist Pete Murray’s Saving Grace, a hauntingly beautiful love song. I’m going to listen to it over and over until I know all the words.

Kirrily + Matt's wedding, December 2008
Mr and Mrs.

Kirrily + Matt's wedding, December 2008
Grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Fishers, December 2008
Here we are. (We were hot.)

David and I drove home and left the kids in the capable care of K, who kindly makes me feel that babysitting my kids is a privilege rather than a chore. It was really fun to drive away to the reception knowing that I didn’t have to worry about anyone else’s feeding or toileting habits apart from my own!

The reception was in a small, oldish country hall. It was simply decorated with wide fushia ribbons, and we were placed at a table of five couples. A buffet roast dinner was served with pavlova and apple danish for dessert.

Kirrily + Matt's wedding, December 2008
Gorgeous table centrepieces.

Kirrily + Matt's wedding, December 2008
In a special twist, the maid of honour, the mother-of-the-bride and the bride were the only ones who made a speech.

Kirrily + Matt's wedding, December 2008
After dessert, the dancing.

Ah, a wedding is a beautiful thing, and I’m left feeling all lovey-dovey. Sigh.