We had some mild excitement this afternoon on our normally quiet street.

David was working with the forklift out the front of the house when two motorcycles raced up the street at a crazy speed. One of them lost control and spun out, ending up on the grass opposite our house.

We think that the motorcycles were being followed by a mate in his car, because as soon as the one motorcycle crashed, the friend was there to assist.

Motorcycle crash, December 2008
Parts of the motorbike were strewn across the road and our neighbours' driveways.

The men quickly picked up all the parts of the motorcycle, and other men arrived from down our cul-de-sac with a small trailer into which they lifted the damaged motorcycle.

Motorcycle crash, December 2008
The motorcycle driver (in the green shirt) had blood running down his arm but must have been powered up on adrenalin as he was helped by his friend (who brought the red car) to clear up the mess.

The men moved very quickly, removing all traces of the accident within five minutes and leaving before the authorities could arrive. (I don’t think anyone called them, however.)

David said the motorcyclist’s punishment was a damaged bike, but we’ve kept these photos… just in case.