Last week, Aisha hid her Aya, saying that she didn’t need it anymore. In August, we enjoyed a couple weeks of no Aya, but David (still cherishing memories of his own comfort blanket) found Aya and gave it back to her.

Aisha had hidden Aya herself this time. When she requested it, she couldn’t remember where she had put it, and I couldn’t find it, although I did search the house thoroughly. So Aisha started sleeping without her Aya, substituting another random blanket while she sucked her thumb.

I have discovered where Aya was hidden, though, but instead of bringing it down and offering it to Aisha, I hid it in a better place.

May it rest in peace.

Aya, December 2008
Aya is now tucked away in a top cupboard — hopefully for good this time!