Today was my first day out in a long while. I took the girls with me down to a friend’s house where a couple of other ladies from church met up.

Gaylene has two older girls who have been terrific with our older two, so I had a free morning to chat as they played together.

OCC ladies, December 2008
We sat around talking casually. Calista is on the left of the photo, at the back.

Jo (who is pictured above, top right) has a one-year-old girl and is expecting her second baby with an 18-month-gap between the two (like me). I think I startled Jo, who is a careful, first-time, mum, when she came to my house a couple months ago.

Calista was crawling around and found one of Brioni’s shoes, which she immediately started to mouth. Joanna started to move to take the shoe away from Cali, but I waved her away. “It’s okay,” I said. “Oh,” replied Jo, “is it a chew-shoe?”

I can only guess that she thought I had purchased a set of shoes specifically for the baby to chew on. (Rather than just lazily letting Calista eat anything she wanted to put in her mouth.) Ah, first-time mums — I used to be one of those too.

Brioni, 2yo, Dayna, Aisha, 3yo, + Darby, December 2008
Dayna (13) and Darby (9) are the girls' new best friends. They play together after church and today were delighted to play in the pool.