Last Monday we visited the Beijing-bound Fishers and helped them sort through their houseload of furniture and rooms of life-stuff before loading some of it into a truck for storage at the Fishers’ place in Grafton. We took several boxes home with us to later send off to China once they find a place to live (they are living in company-provided-accommodation for a month). As well as letting us pick through their piles destined for the charity bins, Ben and Ye lent us their fridge and a microwave for the studio.

On Tuesday, Rosie came up to help the Fishers with their final packing and cleaning frenzy. They flew out on Wednesday morning, and Rosie stayed on until Sunday to help us out.

We were pretty desperate — by that Tuesday, we were really frazzled with the kitchen renovations. The children were dirty, neglected and naughty, and we were living off microwave meals with frozen vegies. David was certain that he had made the wrong decision in undertaking a huge reconfig of the kitchen instead of a quick revamp, and I was trying help out as best as I could.

So Rosie’s visit was terrific timing for us. She basically looked after the girls and meals, which freed David and I up to finish the main construction work and start the final bits.

Calista started getting sick on Thursday and sported a high fever for several days, with no other symptoms (and no teeth) until being completely well today.

On Saturday, David went off for a paintball fight, and I invited a friend over so we could catch up. I know things are getting back to normal because I had/took the time to read a book to Aisha today. I feel that November was a complete write-off with her formal bookwork, but I know that she learned valuable lessons in creative play as well as seeing how David and I worked together (pleasantly, I hope) in changing our house.

I moved the dining table back into its spot before dinner this evening, and this arrangement allowed us to finally work, eat and use our kitchen properly. Many of the cabinets are still missing their doors and drawer fronts (which are at the spray painter’s shop), and we need to finish a bit of painting (just touch-ups), I need to hang up my knife magnet, but the rest of it is completed.

I am loving the dishwasher. And today I discovered that the sink is big enough to immerse my slow-cooker pan (if, I had a plug that fit it). As we work around the new configuration, I think that I may change some things around. We notice that we often need cutlery on the other side of the island bench, so I may split the cutlery up into two sets.

The ceramic cooktop is divine, and I’m loving my new Tupperware ChefSeries pots and pans which I optimistically bought much earlier this year. We’ve used the oven several times, and I enthusiastically baked before church on Sunday so I could take something for morning tea. Ooh, the possibilities!

Baking, November 2008
Stain-glass biscuits always look delightful.

Baking, November 2008
Oops, I got the ratios swapped.

Tomorrow, David is heading off for Woop Woop (Tara), Queensland, four-and-a-half hours west of here, for a couple days, so I’ll use that time to catch up on some errands and squeeze in a morning tea (or two) with friends.

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