Phones, November 2008
Three free phones for the girls to play with.

It’s not often that you get something for nothing, and I thought I’d share how easy it can be for you, too, to present your children with terrific new toys (for free!).

David recently visited a local mobile phone shop. He took Brioni along for the outing, and while he was in the shop, the owner gave Brioni a dummy phone to play with. After conducting his business, when it was time to leave, David returned the phone to the shopkeeper.

The owner explained that the dummy phone was created as a display item and didn’t actually contain any electronic components. Furthermore, it was now superseded by a newer model and no longer part of their display stock. When David mentioned that he actually had three children, the owner brought out two more phones for the girls.

So now our girls have super-cool phones. For free.