Lauren's cross-stitch, November 2008
I finally finished and framed the cross stitch in time to give it to Ella before the Fishers fly to China on Wednesday.

A couple of months ago, I was looking around for a small craft to complete (with the emphasis on small). I know that if the craft takes too long, I’ll never finish it, so I was pleased to stumble upon this site where I could get any name translated into Chinese characters and then converted into a cross-stitch pattern.

I thought this would be a perfect gift for Ella, and I double-checked with Ben to get the correct Chinese characters for Ella’s name. (Her Mandarin name is actually En-na.)

I didn’t work on the project very much until I discovered that the Fishers were flying out. So I took the cross-stitch to a couple of Bible studies, and that allowed me to complete it in time to present it to Ella this evening. (It was a hit with Cheryl — she’s asked me to do one for her next baby too!)

It was great fun to get back into the cross-stitch — it reminded me of the olden days in Berea with Aunt Aileen.