Kitchen renovation, November 2008
At the end of the week, we now have running water, power (in the kitchen), a STOVE, rangehood, the dishwasher and most of the cabinets. David created a special shelf for the microwave on the lefthand side of the rangehood. We still have to create some cupboard doors and install the cabinets on the "island" (where the drums of chemicals are).

Brioni, 2yo, November 2008
David gave me the job of cutting the holes for the rangehood vent through the cabinets, ceiling, insulation and roof. I worked very hard to line each circle up precisely and was greatly relieved when I could successfully slide the pipe all the way down from the top of the roof into the kitchen. Buying and installing a new rangehood is more expensive than it appears — the tools necessary to install it cost almost as much as the appliance!

We’ve had some slow days this week, and David has spent a lot of time on finishing details, getting small sections “just right” before moving on, so it’s not so noticeable in one photo. However, there has been great progress, and we’re still talking to each other and (relatively) happy, so we know we can keep going at it until it’s done. And, yes, I think it may be another two weeks until everything is really finished.

And here’s what the girls have been up to:

Brioni, 2yo, + Aisha, 3yo, November 2008
David blew up some washing up gloves and they were terrific balloons/drums/balls/cow udders. Lots of fun.