Tonight I had a chance to sneak away for a meal out with the ladies from my Bible Study group. I looked at the clock at 4 p.m., and all I could think was, “Only two and half more hours to go!”

Ladies' night out, November 2008
Yay — a nice meal out with excellent company, food I didn't have to share and a couple of drinks. We were meeting to farewell Pauleena (on my right) who is moving about 45 minutes away. I'm really sorry to see her go because I didn't ever have the opportunity to get to know her properly, and I felt we could become good friends.

David and I have been working together on the kitchen ever since we got back home, and frankly, I’ve lost my momentum. After our dramatic demolition, the pace has slowed down considerably. I started loading some items into the pantry and the corner cabinet, and David roused on me because he said it was too premature to move in.

I’ve been able to contribute to the construction by wiring up the extra powerpoints, hooking up the plumbing for the [one-bowl, but gorgeous] sink and sealing around the cabinets, but there isn’t much more I can really do. I fetch and carry in between caring for the girls and sorting out meals.

David has finished the cabinets under the windows, so tomorrow I may see if I can move stuff back into the lazy-susan/corner-cabinet and sort through the cutlery drawers. He’s so meticulous in the details that I know it’ll be a beautiful finish, but I would like to start organising things right away. (I must be careful NOT to complain, because I am getting the kitchen I wanted… perhaps I am only being impatient.)

I hooked up the dishwasher this afternoon and have even already run a full load with all the dishes I had piling up in the studio! Oh, what fun. I think this will revolutionise my housekeeping habits!

Now I’m home after my ladies’ night out, the household is all asleep, so I have a chance to hop on the computer and catch up on my virtual life. Ah, sleep is sacrificed to the internet once more.