We’re heading off this morning for a weekend by the beach at a little flat within the grounds run by Camp Burleigh, a holiday camp location run by a Christian group. It’s not strictly a holiday, because we’re going so I can cater the meals for our church’s leadership group, however it comes at just the right time.

Our house is in complete disarray. Kitchen things are strewn about in almost every room (especially as the girls like getting into the boxes). The washing up hasn’t been done for DAYS, so there are dirty dishes in various locations around the house. Toys are all over the place, as I haven’t been tidying up. BUT I did get four loads of washing clean and dried (and brought inside!) yesterday, so I feel a bit better.

Oh, and did I mention the sultanas (raisins)? Yesterday I made the mistake of offering a full container of sultanas to Aisha to share. Some of them were shared and eaten. The rest were thrown around our bedroom, all over the bed and floor. I’m sure — even after we eventually clean up — we’ll continue to find sultanas in nooks and crannies.

However, the kitchen is looking good; progress has been made. All the plinths are in place, and the wires are in for the powerpoints. David tackled the plumbing yesterday and learned how to weld copper pipes. We have the appliances now, but they’re just sitting roughly where they’ll slot in. (Yes, I have an oven!) We discovered that the oven space was millimetres too narrow, so we’ll need to rectify that before we can install the oven. We also have to board up the wall behind the dishwasher before we install it.

We’re uncertain whether to go with our beautiful single sink (with a gorgeous, gooseneck tap) or to buy a double sink. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

So it’s wonderful to walk out of these shambles and drive to a beautiful location for a couple days. It will give us both a break from the renovations, and we’ll give the firls some attention (and proper meals). I’m frantically packing up so we can head off early this morning before it gets hot. The weather should be beautiful, and I won’t be in the kitchen all the time.