After humming and hawing (and arguing, pleading and praying), we have decided to completely gut the old kitchen and replace all the cabinets with new pieces.

We spent all day working on the kitchen together. David is happy to have me working alongside him. I enjoy it too (and it’s just too obvious to duck off to sit on the computer for a couple minutes!), but the rest of the house is in shambles.

We are cooking and eating in the studio, sitting among piles of things I’ve carried in from the kitchen. David has warned me to expect the renovations to take a month, so we’ll just pretend we’re camping and not worry too much about the proper standard of serving and eating meals. (I am not going to complain about ANY inconveniences during this renovation — I’m getting exactly what I wanted!)

Kitchen renovation, November 2008
Here's our long counter, before it we started taking it apart. (It has been missing the end door for a couple years.)

Kitchen renovation, November 2008
The counter was built onto a brick wall, which meant that it was extra-solid, but we lost the width of the bricks and you couldn't tuck yourself fully under the countertop when sitting on a stool.

Kitchen renovation, November 2008
After the existing cabinets and cupboards were removed, we started knocking the tiles off the wall and had to seal up the pipes to the sink. We've placed the tall pantry in place just to double-check that it fits. We'll get its door and side painted to match the existing cupboards.

Kitchen renovation, November 2008
We have a very large room to start with, but I think I'll move the island counter closer to the kitchen side to allow for more space around the dining table (which usually sits on the right).

Brioni, 2yo, + Aisha, 3yo, November 2008
Again the girls were very good, managing on their own for most of the day. Our mealtimes were very late, but they were busy having their own tea parties most of the day. (Aisha has somehow managed to divide up this toy so in every scenario, Brioni gets the sugar bowl and she gets the cake!)

Aisha, 3yo, November 2008
Aisha's playing is sometimes so real, it catches me off-guard. When she first declared to me that she had eaten the cake, I wasn't certain that Aisha was just pretending to eat.

We are still in darkness in the back half of the house, but as I’m not working in the kitchen, I hardly notice it!