Today we started on the kitchen!


Kitchen before, November 2008
Before we started, I had a full pantry. The configuration here is pantry-fridge-stove. We're going to swap it around to fridge-stove-pantry.

Kitchen renovation, November 2008
David took out all the pantry shelves and raised the height of the doorway to allow for the overhead cupboards.

Yay! I’ve waited for this renovation ever since we bought the house (when we negotiated the price with the owner on the basis that the oven would have to immediately be replaced)!

Kitchen renovation, November 2008
I was deliriously happy to see the old oven go to the tip. Several colonies of mice had used parts of it as their homes over the decades. The oven hasn't worked for six years, and I only had two working stove-top elements for three years (until David was at home with the girls when I went back to work).

I’ve placed an order for a new oven and am very excited with the prospect of baking again. But first we have to get everything installed. We are working with some kitchen cabinets that we bought from a client of David’s, so our design will be based on the pieces we have.

Kitchen renovation, November 2008
And we've figured out why overhead cupboards are so much more expensive: they're very difficult to put up! This one was especially heavy, but we managed to hoick it up and balance it on a bin (on the oven) and had two studs below propping it up. (I'm sure there's a better — i.e., safer — way to do this, but it worked.)

Brioni, 2yo, November 2008
The girls played fantastically today, hardly needing me and keeping themselves out of mischief. Here's Brioni, singing into a plug. She would carefully "turn it on" by twisting the fan's controls before starting her song.


Kitchen renovation, November 2008
At the end of the day, we had the overhead cupboards up in their places, with room for the configuration of fridge-stove-pantry. The pantry is a tall, pull-out pantry that will go in the corner against the wall.