I thought the previous get-together would be our last, but we three Fisher families enjoyed one last meal together last night.

Fishers, November 2008
We went to a Thai restaurant near the city. It was a favourite for Ben and Cheryl, and everyone was able to find something on the menu that appealed to their palate.

When we walked into the restaurant (after climbing two flights of stairs with a pram), I think the owner/manager was taken aback by the number of children (5). He only had one high chair, so Brioni got it. Aisha and Ella sat opposite each other down at one end of the table, and Calista stayed in her pram.

The girls played well together at the restaurant. Rosie spent a lot of time with them, allowing us to enjoy our meals. The entrance featured two huge wooden elephants, so Aisha and Ella took turns riding on them.

After he had finished eating, David took the girls downstairs to look at the kitchen. Aisha was pretty interested to see they were cooking with fire (gas). I think she hadn’t previously wondered where the food had come from… it just turned up!

After the restaurant, we bought some ice cream and headed for the hills to a popular look-out on top of Mount Coot-tha. It was the first time I had been up the top — we’ll have to visit again soon.

David, Rosie + Hugh, November 2008
I mucked around with the long exposure setting to capture the city lights as well as David, Rosie and Woodoo.

Lauren, November 2008
Here I am too. (It's about time I got a tripod!)

The girls liked watching the planes come in to land, and being outside at nighttime was quite special for them. We didn’t get home until ten o’clock, so it was also quite a late night.

Fishers, November 2008
David "flashed" me just as I took the photo! Brioni is sitting on Woodoo's lap in the background, eating ice cream. Later she recounted how Woodoo had eaten "her" ice cream and she "shared" with him.