After several experiments, David has finally settled on surfacing our concrete verandah and outside hard floors with a black floor sealant similar to those used at service/petrol stations. It looks very fine against the house’s finished wall and black-trimmed architraves.

We spent some time outside today, enjoying the new, clean playing area. For months our top lawn/entertainment area has been a construction site, so it was wonderful to let the children play freely.

Calista, 7 months old, November 2008
Calista met our chook today.

Aisha, 3yo, + Brioni, 2yo, November 2008
Brioni was running around in a sporadic gallop-fashion, with her hands held out in front of her, palms up. I couldn't quite work out if she was riding a horse or what, but it was consistent and cute!

Aisha, 3yo, + Namma, November 2008
Even Rosie had a turn on the wheely bug!

David, Brioni, 2yo, + Calista, 7 months old, November 2008
David was videoing all the action with the Flip camera.

Woodoo will head back down to Grafton on Tuesday morning, but Rosie will likely stay until the end of the week. We’re trying to convince her to stay for another weekend so she can spend more time with Ben, Cheryl and Ella, but she’s been offered a day’s work on Friday.

Aisha and Namma, November 2008
Whenever she can, Aisha asks Namma to read her a story.