Last night was perhaps the last time that the three Fisher families were together for a meal.

Rosie, David, Hugh, Ben + Cheryl, October 2008
Rosie managed to cook a roast dinner using the portable Easy-Cook appliance. It has been a year since we have sat around the table together like this.

Cheryl + Ben, October 2008
Cheryl and Ben are expecting another baby a girl, to arrive in March/April 2009. They are leaving Australia at the end of next month as Ben has been invited to work in Beijing. Cheryl is very excited about moving back home close to her parents and friends, and they both think the change will be a good one for their family.

Ella, 2yo, October 2008
Ella, 2 years old.

Rosie + Ella, 2yo, October 2008
Rosie enjoyed playing with the grandchildren.

Aisha, 3yo, October 2008
Aisha got all hot and sweaty while running around with Ella.

Aisha and Ella, October 2008
Jumping on the bed was only one favourite activity. The girls also played in the sandpit outside, climbed up the outside fence, ran around the verandah screaming and generally having lots of fun.