Flush with the success of my garden party, I was looking forward to another opportunity to display my culinary craft.

And today was it.

After careful planning and several shopping trips to check off a detailed list, I was ready to cater for an evangelism seminar hosted by our church. David was organising the seminar, which involved setting up the room, teeing up the speaker, publicising and liaising for the attendees. I was in charge of food.

The seminar was held in a classroom block at the school where our church meets. The long, narrow building was one room which could be subdivided into three smaller rooms. We blocked off the far room for the kids to play in. I set up the food in the middle room which was only partially open to the room where the seminar was held.

Our girls happily played all day with a variety of toys kept by the church for their (now non-existent) playgroup. Another older girl was also with them for the morning, and an 11-month baby also spent time with us. Someone brought a couple DVDs to put on for the children (hello? — don’t they know us yet?), but I wasn’t even tempted.

If I don’t babysit with a TV at boring-ole-home, why would I want to use it at a fun-new-venue-with-exciting-toys? The girls took several trips to the playground, rode around the concrete pathways on their wheely bugs (and Aisha on her bike) and pushed toy strollers along the breezeway. It was so much fun, Brioni crashed (metaphorically) and put herself to bed as soon as we got home.

I had to plan a morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the group, with two allergies in mind and an awareness that some largish people may be dieting.

Catering, October 2008
I really enjoy laying out the food so it looks enticing. I also made sure that I offered healthy options as well as the standard plate of biscuits.

Lauren, October 2008
I would make up four lavash bread wraps at a time (which I then cut in half to end up with eight). I used coral lettuce and snow pea sprouts as garnishes within the wraps.

Catering, October 2008
I offered four varieties of wraps: roast beef + tomato, ham + cheese, egg, chicken + avocado.

The only things I would do differently (next time) would be to bring a cooler full of ice to keep the drinks cold and to omit the fruit platter for afternoon tea. (David said it was just too much watermelon.)

I was also really pleased with my cheese platter (five different cheeses decorated with blueberries), but a scheduled breastfeed and unscheduled toilet stop meant I couldn’t take a picture of it before it was set upon by the hungry mob.

Calista, 6 months old, October 2008
For her morning and noon naps, I put Calista to sleep out on the deck in the shade. She slept really well, waking up happy and "calling" me with happy squeaks and squawks. (I love this age!) What a location! The students looking out these schoolroom windows get to count cows and dream about green pastures.

Brioni, 2yo, + Aisha, 3yo, October 2008
The girls ate lots and lots of watermelon, resulting in many, many trips to the toilets. The door to the toilets was too heavy for the girls to open on their own, so I had to accompany them each time (and they often didn't need to go together)! I'm sure I visited the toilets at least twenty times today.

Calista, 6 months old, October 2008
Aisha keeps saying, "Calista wants to be part of the family," and, of course, she's right! Cali loves to be involved in whatever we're doing and is even starting to show signs of separation anxiety (where she cries whenever I leave the room) — eek!

Seminar, October 2008
I catered for twenty people. (David is on the far left of the photo.)

I really enjoyed the day. I had a whole room of people to impress, but there was only one opinion that mattered to me. By the time we got home, I was desperate to hear David say how good it all was — and he did! Hooray!