I keep thinking that Brioni is growing up too fast! She’s already started making eyes at boys and giving them special smiles.

Sometimes she does ask to sit in the highchair so I’ll feed her, and she calls herself “Baby B”, but Brioni knows she’s just making a joke. She’s started making clever jokes and pulls “Aren’t I cute and funny?” faces which defeat the purpose.

David was impressed when he asked Brioni where her baby was, and she replied “In my womb.”

(Until, that is, I explained the her lisp was preventing her from saying “room” properly.)

And now Brioni has just started putting her shoes on by herself.

Brioni, 2yo, October 2008
She's so proud of herself too!

Brioni, 2yo, October 2008
On the wrong feet, but hey, who cares about the details?