The girls went to bed at 6.30 last night, an early night even by our standards, and it was because the day had been full of outings. Even though these kind of days are not necessarily spectacular, it’s the routine that makes up the bulk of our lives, and one day I will want to remember what it was like to have small children.

I took the three girls for of errands and grocery shopping in the morning. However, because I needed a couple of things from other stores, it took the whole morning. What could normally take only ten minutes takes three times as long when you need to wait for a small child pushing a stroller to catch up, make trips to the ladies’ room and retrieve small bodies from the far aisles before you can leave the shop.

The butcher gave each girl a small pre-cooked sausage (colloquially called a cheerio), but Aisha was less than enthusiastic with her response, so he wrapped hers in a plastic bag for later. She soon relented, and then enjoyed playing with the plastic bag. Outside the supermarket, she found another use for the plastic bag.

Brioni, 2yo, October 2008
Brioni inspected the dog after Aisha decorated it with her bag. I think Aisha was placing the bag on the dog's head as a hat, not intending to suffocate the statue, but it gave me the giggles.

I carry the Flip video camera with me in my handbag so I can capture “cute” moments like those above.

After a short rest, we ended up at a local pool before racing home to beat a thunderstorm (which fizzled out soon after we had packed all David’s tools away).

Brioni, 2yo, October 2008
You can tell from her expression that Brioni loves swimming.

Lauren + Calista, 6 months old, October 2008
Calista didn't mind the swim, though at the end of an hour she appeared to have blue lips.

Aisha, 3yo, + Lauren + Calista, 6 months, October 2008
Aisha's jumping into the pool.