David took Aisha out today when he delivered our refrigerator to the repair shop. He noticed that Aisha was chewing on something, so he asked her what she had in her mouth. She opened her mouth to reveal part of a red balloon.

D: A balloon — that’s very dangerous.
A: Why?
D: If you swallow it, it’ll cause you to choke. And that would be really scary.
A: Why?

David held his hand over Aisha’s nose and mouth for a couple of seconds.

D: Think how scary it would be if you weren’t able to breathe.
A: What would happen if I couldn’t breathe?
D: You might die.

David wondered if she really understood the concept of death. He was trying to think of something that she’d seen that was dead. The only thing that came to mind was a dried-up gecko that Brioni had been carrying around.

D: You could be dead like Brioni’s dead gecko.

Aisha looked at the balloon in her hands and thought about this for a long moment.

A: Did Brioni’s gecko swallow a balloon?