Calista, 6 months old, October 2008
At six months old, Calista is becoming more of a person — responding eagerly to attention and delighting in any she receives.

Calista, 6 months old, + David, October 2008
As Calista's personality becomes more apparent, David takes a greater interest in her. I was working down in the shed when he decided to "deliver" Calista to me in the green bag.

We’ve started Calista on foods and feed her pretty much whatever is on hand. I haven’t yet specifically steamed vegies for her — we usually have something on hand. (Typical third child, I’m sure.)

Brioni has started something very cute. Whenever Calista starts crying (for no apparent reason), she’ll sit down in front of her and clap very quickly. It startles Cali into stopping her wailing. Brioni perfected this technique when Tirzah was staying with us, and now Aisha has picked it up.

At the shops today, I carried Calista in the sling and the two other girls ran up and down the aisles of our (very small) supermarket. Aisha and Brioni found nooks and crannies behind pallets of produce and crates of nappies. They seemed to have a lot of fun.

At the checkout, both the attendant and the woman in front of me commiserated about my children’s gender: “Three girls — oh, they may be cute now, but wait until they’re teenagers …” and “I’m glad I only had boys.” What foolish comments! Should I make my way to the customer service counter and exchange my children for other models?

I staunchly reject the premise that all teenagers rebel and that girls grow up to be bitchy. We will have some tough times, I’m sure, but as we do not conform to the norms of our society, we do not expect our children to either. I’ll keep you posted …