Craig, Tirzah and Renée Harvey, October 2008
Craig, Renée and Tirzah.

It’s not often that the Harveys come over to the east coast of Australia, and — popular people that they are — two other families made a mammoth effort to visit.

The Pryors flew up from Tasmania. Judith Pryor is Craig’s sister. She and Doug have one son, 16-month-old Jonathan. Doug had some work on the Gold Coast, so they were happy to combine his work trip to coincide with the Harveys. This visit was the first time the Harveys met Jonathan. The Pryors were able to meet up with the Harveys several times at our house.

Tirzah, Calista + Jonothan pose for Judith, Craig (Amanda in background), Brioni + Renée, October 2008
Here's a great tip for those trying to get small children to sit for a photo: Judith opened up a small book and started talking through the pages. It kept the babies' interest long enough for Craig to snap a couple of great shots.

The Croakers also drove up from Tamworth. My sister Carla is married to Andy and they have four children: Elora (9), Bowen (6), Flynn (4) and Delenn (16 months). Andy’s parents live locally, so the Croakers come up several times a year, and this visit coincided with school holidays.

Croakers, October 2008
The Croaker family live in Tamworth.

Fisher, Croaker and Harveys + Amanda, October 2008
On Thursday we shared a group meal at a nearby restaurant.

Calista, 6 months, Tirzah, 10 months, Delenn, 16 months old, October 2008
There is less than ten months' difference between the three cousins. Calista is six months, Tirzah is ten months and Delenn is 16 months old.

Delenn, Andy, Calista, David, Tirzah + Craig, October 2008
The three husbands and babies... how many ways can we portray the cousins???

Elora, Brioni, Lauren with Calista, Carla with Delenn, Renée with Tirzah, October 2008
We're a breast-is-best family. Surely this photo should make it onto the cover of Breastfeeding Weekly (if such a magazine exists). And no, Elora is not really feeding a baby too — she picked up a baby doll.

Fishers, Harveys + Croakers, October 2008
We're just missing the two Harvey cousins still in Perth — Jemilla (6) and Keegan (4). I've told Renée that I'll Photoshop them into the photo for Mum.

Fishers, October 2008
And this is us!